Fitbit Ionic review

Fitbit Ionic review

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Compatible ties make it awesome for the workplace and rec center

Touchscreen is anything but difficult to peruse outside

Awesome general wellness tracker

Rest following is point by point and accommodating

2.5 GB of capacity for music

5 ATM water protection

Fitbit versatile application is instinctive and easy to understand

Fitbit Pay works perfectly

Five-day battery life


Configuration is awkward

Can't communicate with warnings

Fitbit OS is laggy











Main concern



by Fitbit

This is the best Fitbit you can purchase, period. It's a fantastic wellness and rest tracker, accompanies an implicit GPS, enables you to pay for things from your wrist, and it's water safe. On the off chance that you couldn't care less about smartwatch includes and are searching for a top of the line Fitbit gadget, purchase the Ionic.

The product still needs some work. Fitbit OS is laggy and notices are constrained right at this point. Contrasting the Ionic's brilliant highlights with different smartwatches available, there's no challenge—there are better gadgets out there.

Before you go out and burn through $300 on this gadget, simply realize that the Fitbit Ionic is an extraordinary wellness watch and a so-so smartwatch.

Fitbit is presumably the most surely understood organization in the wellness tracker world, however smartwatches are new an area. The nearest they've come to making a smartwatch was 2015's Fitbit Blaze, however even that wasn't too keen.

Things are going to change however, as Fitbit is presently betting everything on smartwatches. In any case, is Fitbit's first take at a smartwatch worth your well deserved money, or would you say you are in an ideal situation running with a gadget from Google, Apple, or Samsung? Discover every one of the subtle elements you have to know in our Fitbit Ionic audit.

Audit notes: I've been utilizing the Fitbit Ionic as my fundamental wellness tracker for about two weeks. The Google Pixel 2 XL has been my cell phone buddy of decision for the span of this audit.


Fitbit Ionic survey

Fitbit has influenced gigantic walks on the outline to front as of late. The organization's Charge 2 and Alta HR look more like favor wrist trinkets than wellness trackers. That outline reasoning hasn't made an interpretation of over to the Ionic.

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The Fitbit Ionic is inelegant and cumbersome

Its aluminum outline is precise and square shaped, which influences it to look considerably less rich than the Apple Watch or LG Watch Style. Albeit, "Exquisite" doesn't appear to be the course Fitbit needs to take here. The organization says the Ionic's plan is about space investigation and space in popular culture. That is a pleasant idea. I don't think it makes for a smartwatch that individuals will need to wear each day.

It looks a considerable measure like the Fitbit Blaze, which I wasn't an enormous fanatic of either.

Fitbit Ionic survey

Ionic's look doesn't reflect how it feels, however. After a couple of minutes with the Ionic on my wrist, I could disclose to Fitbit put a considerable measure of work into influencing the gadget to feel just as top of the line as you'd need it to. The case and clasp are made of aluminum. The lash offers a decent harmony amongst plasticky and rubbery. It's never gotten captured on any of my shirt sleeves, however the stock lash won't not be the best fit for everyone. I've observed the game lash to be more agreeable because of the more great watch tie style fasten.

Fitbit Ionic survey

Fitbit Ionic survey

Fitbit Ionic survey

The size won't not be for everybody.

My significant other, who has marginally littler wrists than me, attempted on the Ionic and wasn't as large of a fanatic of the size. The watch packaging itself isn't the issue, rather the edge at which the lash interfaces with the case. Regardless of how tight or free she makes the lash, there is dependably an excess of room on the two sides of the packaging. Look at the photo underneath to perceive what I'm discussing:

Fitbit Ionic audit

Discussing lashes, the Ionic's are tradable, making it simple to swap out a game tie for a cowhide or great one on the off chance that you need it to look somewhat more tasteful. Tragically the ties are restrictive, so you can't utilize some other tie you have lying around.

Fitbit Ionic survey

On its front, the Ionic games a somewhat bended 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen show, with a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 to finish everything. It's anything but difficult to see the show outside in coordinate daylight, and there's likewise an encompassing light sensor so the shine will auto alter for various conditions.

You can set the show to just enact when it detects you're taking a gander at it. A basic raise of the wrist will initiate the show for this situation.

Fitbit Ionic audit


Fitbit Flex 2 audit

In case you're perusing this, you're most likely effectively mindful that there are huge amounts of various wellness trackers available that give an extensive variety of following capacities. There are a lot of top of the line offerings, similar to the Garmin …

Around back, the Ionic highlights an optical heart rate sensor, however it has substantially less of a knock than other Fitbit gadgets. This implies you won't get any peculiar checks on your wrist in the event that you wear it too tight.

There's one final thing to specify on the outline front—the Fitbit Ionic is water safe! It required Fitbit a long investment to make a water safe wellness tracker (Garmin, Misfit, and others have been doing it for a considerable length of time), so it's extremely pleasant to see the Ionic game has a 5 ATM water protection rating.

Smartwatch highlights

Fitbit Ionic survey

Contactless installments appear to be extremely popular these days, and Fitbit is tossing its cap into the ring with Fitbit Pay. You can utilize Fitbit Pay at any store that acknowledges contactless installments, and there are now a modest bunch of real banks that work with the administration. As we've learned with Android Pay and Apple Pay, it may be a short time until the point that your neighborhood bank includes bolster for Fitbit Pay.

In the event that you have a bank that works with Fitbit Pay, you're in for a consistent ordeal.

On the off chance that you have a bank that works with Fitbit Pay, you're in for a consistent affair. Simply long-press the Ionic's left side catch, touch the watch to the installment terminal, and that is it. Try not to stress, all buys are secured by your bank's misrepresentation insurance, and Fitbit says it utilizes industry-standard tokenization to keep every last exchange private.

Paying with your wrist is super helpful since you aren't required to haul out a physical card. From a wellness tracker's viewpoint, it's significantly more helpful. When you're out on a circled town and need to stop for a speedy drink, having a watch equipped for making contactless installments implies you don't have to bear a charge card or money.

Fitbit Ionic survey


Best smartwatches (December 2017)

Smartwatches are as yet another thing to many individuals, and in light of current circumstances. You don't completely require one to traverse the day, and a portion of the best smartwatches are much excessively costly …

One of my greatest problem with the Blaze was that it could just transfer call, content, and logbook warnings, and I'm cheerful to state that is not the situation here. The Ionic will have the capacity to hand-off calls, writings, date-book occasions, messages, and practically some other application notice you get on your cell phone.

The issue is, the notices you get aren't significant. That implies you can't answer to messages, expel telephone calls, or even send snappy canned reactions from your wrist like numerous different smartwatches can. You can swipe away notices you get, however that exclusive clears them from the watch, not your telephone.

Warnings still aren't significant on the Ionic.

It's likewise a little odd that you need to swipe up from the base of the Ionic to get to your warnings, which is the inverse of essentially every other working framework I've ever utilized.

Out of the case, the Ionic accompanies about 2.5 GB of storage room for music records. You can either utilize that space to stack up your most loved playlists, or download a portion of the best stations from Pandora. Once stacked onto the watch (the procedure takes some time), you'll have the capacity to tune in to those playlists with your most loved combine of Bluetooth earbuds without requiring your telephone close-by.

Fitbit Ionic survey

The Ionic will turn out to be all the more effective later on as more designers fabricate applications for Fitbit's recently propelled smartwatch stage. As you may review, Fitbit purchased prominent smartwatch creator Pebble last December to help augment its smartwatch endeavors. The Fitbit App Gallery (Fitbit's new application store) is a result of that obtaining.

At this moment there are just a modest bunch of outsider applications accessible in the Fitbit App Gallery, including AccuWeather, Pandora, Starbucks, and Strava. That number will develop significantly after some time, however for the time being, application determination is entirely restricted.

Ideally the Fitbit OS slack issues can be settled with a product refresh.

With the presentation of the Ionic, Fitbit constructed its first smartwatch working framework called Fitbit OS. Exploring around the UI is instinctive (beside the warnings), however it has its peculiarities. Swiping around the interface brings about a considerable amount of slack, regardless of where you are in Fitbit OS. I've observed it to be particularly laggy when writing in my PIN before influencing installments with Fitbit To pay. I'm trusting these issues can be settled with a future programming refresh.

The Ionic accompanies 17 pre-introduced watch faces, and there's a decent blend of computerized and simple appearances to look over. One little eccentricity I've seen—changing your watch confront is moderate as molasses. It takes very nearly an entire moment for the watch to match up after you select an alternate watch confront.

Execution and equipment

Fitbit Ionic survey

The Ionic is a wellness tracker at its center, and it's a damn decent one. For the duration of the day it'll track your means taken, remove voyaged, calories consumed, dynamic minutes, floors climbed, rest, and heart rate. With respect to the nuts and bolts, the Ionic is similarly as accura

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